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Our Server

AEF Currently operates one public squad server. when in game, you can search: 
[AEF] Armoured Expeditionary Force | New Player Friendly | ENG

Server Rules

1. If you are a Squad Leader, it is encouraged that you are communicating with other Squad Leaders.
2. All Squad Leads are required to have a mic to be able to communicate.
3. All players must follow Squad Leader instructions.
4. All players must be in a squad. Anyone not in a squad will be warned. If the warning is ignored, they will be kicked.
5. No Helicopter ramming.
6. Do not kill friendlies. If you do so by accident, put a message in the chat so the admins are aware.
7. You can not have single man locked squads. Exception is if you are a pilot.
8. No single manning armor. If your second crewman gets killed, you are required to return back to base.
9. Vehicles are first come first serve. If a Squad has claimed a vehicle, you can not steal that vehicle without asking their permission first. Stealing their vehicle may result in a ban.
10. Armor Squads must have their own squad per vehicle. Armor Squads can not be Infantry Squads/with infantry in squad.
11. No main base camping. Should be common sense. Main base camping is instant permanent ban whether you are warned or not. (Common sense means dont shoot at vehicles right as they leave main protection. Thats called Camping!)
12. When the server is less than 20v20,seeding rules go into effect.


Bans for the AEF servers are given fairly without regard to age, sex, religion, etc. All actions taken against players on all AEF servers are given due to some type of rule breaking on the players part. 

If you feel you have been banned from our servers unfairly or if you believe it was a mistake, you can file a ban appeal here:


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